David Shea Memorial Patient Support Fund

What is The David Shea Fund?

Scleroderma can lead to unexpected expenses such as costly medications, treatments, and travel to appointments. These expenses can place a significant burden on those living with scleroderma.

Scleroderma Atlantic established the Patient Support Fund in memory of David Shea to provide financial assistance for those living with scleroderma. Funds can be accessed by providing an application to Scleroderma Atlantic. Each applicant can receive up to $1000 per calendar year.

“Nobody should feel alone. Since our numbers are small, our organization is able to reach out and connect with everyone in our scleroderma community in Atlantic Canada.” Jason Doucette President, Scleroderma Atlantic

Frequently Asked Questions

You can easily apply to the David Shea Fund with our online application found here.

We aim to cover anything that helps you live better with scleroderma. 

The David Shea Fund covers up to $1000 per calendar year. Depending on your application, some expenses may be covered in full and some may be covered partially. You are welcome to submit an expense that is over $1000 for partial coverage (ex: Scooters, Dental Procedures)