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Committed to enriching the lives of those living with scleroderma
in Atlantic Canada

Are You Ready to Make a Move for Scleroderma?

Our 2022 fundraising goal is $45,000! Together we can do this!
Wondering how to participate in the 2022 Make a Move for Scleroderma? Choose a date and activity that works best for you – virtually or in-person!

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What is scleroderma?

Scleroderma is a rare, progressive, and chronic autoimmune connective tissue disorder that causes excess collagen accumulation. “Sclero” means “hard” and “derma” means “skin”. But hardening skin is just one of many difficult symptoms that those living with scleroderma can experience.


Providing financial, emotional, motivational, educational, and social support to those living with scleroderma and their caregivers in Atlantic Canada.


Spreading awareness and educating the public about scleroderma, a rare autoimmune disease, which has no known cause and no known cure.


Engaging with medical professionals, government, and media to advocate for the those living with scleroderma in Atlantic Canada.


Providing education for patients, caregivers, health care professionals, and health care students to increase understanding and awareness of scleroderma.


Supporting research and seeking funding to ensure better treatments are available for those living with scleroderma. Research is essential to finding a cure.

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Join Us To Make A Difference in The Lives of Those Living with Scleroderma
Atlantic Canadians are going to MAKE A MOVE FOR SCLERODERMA.  As of June 30th we have raised over $58,000. Let’s see what we can accomplish in the next two weeks!

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