The Spoon Theory & How it Helps Explain Energy

Life with scleroderma can be exhausting. It can be difficult to understand how energy is affected by the disease. The Spoon Theory was originally created by Lupus patient advocate Christine Miserandino to better understand energy levels in those living with chronic illness. The concept can easily be applied to scleroderma, as we see in the …

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Ask A Dietitian: Eating Well With Scleroderma

Many thanks to Cassandra Burton for sharing dietary information and advice for those living with scleroderma, and to everyone who attended. You can view Cassandra’s Slides here. Additional links shared in the webinar: International Dysphagia Diet Standardization Initiative: www.iddsi.orgAbout The Mediterranean Diet: www.oldwayspt.orgMediterranean Diet Food Pyramid: https://oldwayspt.org/system/files/atoms/files/MedDietPyramid_flyer%5B1%5D_0.pdfLow Fodmap Resource, Monash University: https://www.monashfodmap.com/